The Program

Here the hour by hour outline of the program for the weekend. As you all know, there will be a general strike in Barcelona on the 29 March which implies certain re-arrangements of the program, however nothing intensive. We are just sick of Spanish people that can’t announce their social choreographies early enough for us to book flight efficiently. In any case the program is intact and we are very happy to announce a bunch of talks, events, set up and magical moments beyond the extraordinary.

Wednesady 28

Mercat de les Flors
9.00 pm: Le Sacre du Printemps by Xavier Le Roy (Ticket is required)

Friday 30

Fundació Antoni Tàpies
10.00 am: Introduction and Dorothea von Hantelmann
11.00 am – 2.00 pm: Open discussion on Retrospective by Xavier Le Roy, with Bojana Cvejić, Chistophe Wavelet, Dorothea von Hantelmann, Isabel de Naverán, Laurence Rassel, Mårten Spångberg and Xavier Le Roy

5.00 – 10.00 pm: Graham Harman, Luciana Parisi, Francisco Tirado

Saturday 31

11.00 am – 2.30 pm: Mårten Spångberg, Ana Janevski, Maria Lind
5.00 – 10.00 pm: Goran Sergej Pristaš, Bojana Cvejić, André Lepecki

Due to the general strike to take place in Spain on 29 March, La Sacre du Printemps will not be performed at the Mercat de les Flors on that day. Dorothea von Hantelmann’s intervention has been postponed to the morning of the 30th.

This programme is subject to last-minute changes.

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